Diapers , being one of the forgotten waste streams, are commonly disposed off by landfilling and incineration. Mensioned methods of disposal can now be replaced by a far more environmental friendly and cost-effective technology.

Agricultural foil , used both in live-stock production as in crop growing, does present a real environmental burden. These foils now can be taken care of through the CRS Technologies recycling process.

Plastics used in food processing and/or food packaging industries often being refused to be treated in classical recycling systems ( because of their food borne contaminition ) will not face same refusal for treatment in the CRS Technologies technique.


CRS Technologies offers an economic solution for the recycling of all organicaly contaminated plastics.

The innovative process developped by CRS technologies allows full recycling and processing of diapers and other incontinention materials, agriculture foil, packaging foil, contstruction plastics and any other plastic-based waste material.